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 Adam Catzavelos will go to Greece to face k-word charges, says lawyer Adam Catzavelos will go to Greece to face k-word charges, says lawyer

Bronze medal Reporter william Posted 12 Jul 2019
 Adam Catzavelos will go to Greece to face k-word charges, says lawyer

While a date has not yet been set, Adam Catzavelos' legal team has said their client will go to Greece to face charges for his k-word slur when summoned.

The crimen injuria case against Adam Catzavelos was delayed yet again in the Randburg Magistrate's Court for the Gauteng Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to consider representations submitted by his lawyer, Lawley Shain.

Shain submitted the 68-page representations on July 5.  

The court, however, did not get to hear the contents of the said representations on Wednesday, as the matter was postponed to August 29. 

Catzavelos landed in hot water when a selfie video he shot - in which he used the k-word slur - went viral in August 2018.

While holidaying on a beach in Greece, Catzavelos made racist comments about the lack of black people in his surroundings.

In the video, he celebrated the fact there were no black people on the beach.

"Not one k***r in sight. F*king heaven on earth... You cannot beat this!" he said in the video.

In his previous appearance, his lawyer alerted the media that Catzavelos had received a letter from Greek authorities. 

'The sooner he is convicted, the better'

The letter, which is written in Greek, states in summary that he is facing charges relating to the "intention to publicly - via internet - incite, provoke, excite or [encourage] acts or actions which may cause discrimination, hatred or violence against a person or group; or persons identified by race, colour, religion, genealogy, national or ethnic origin, gender; or threatens the lives or freedom of such persons", his lawyer explained to the media following his brief court appearance. 

"He will go to Greece when he has to; the date, however, has not been set," Shain said.

The EFF in Gauteng, which initially laid a charge of crimen injuria against Catzavelos, is unhappy with the delay in this matter. 

"Well, the reality is that we had a meeting with the prosecutor in the last court appearance and we made it clear that we want a speedy case with this racism issue - so we are unhappy about this.


"We want the matter to be ready for trial come August 29. The sooner he is convicted, the better," EFF Gauteng chairperson Mandisa Mashego told the media outside court.

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) will be pursuing the matter in the Equality Court on August 5.

'Willing to undergo sensitivity training'

The SAHRC further indicated that it was not concerned with the issue of jurisdiction due to the fact that the crime was committed outside South Africa’s borders.

"We are permitted to initiate matters of our own accord, we do not have to wait for a member of the public to lay a complaint. 

"Jurisdiction is not an issue because social media transcends borders," the SAHRC's Gauteng head Buang Jones explained. 

In the SAHRC matter, Catzavelos's answering affidavit allegedly indicates that he hopes to settle the matter outside of court.

The chances of a settlement are slim, as both parties failed to reach consensus on the amount of damages which should be paid. 

"They submit that Catzavelos is willing to undergo sensitivity training and community service for his conduct.

"Given the seriousness of this matter, we are not considering this. We want the court to rule on the matter as we cannot agree on damages, which we believe should be R200 000," Jones said.

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