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Biggest Challenges Of Being A Lawyer Biggest Challenges Of Being A Lawyer

Bronze medal Reporter romin Posted 7 Oct 2019 Read More News and Blogs
Biggest Challenges Of Being A Lawyer

Extra  Hours
Over tasks and lesser staff means more work hours for lawyers. The online law practice demands lawyers must be available to clients around the clock. This competitive world has forced lawyers to spend more working hours on client development and business management activities in addition to billing hours. Many lawyers had this same problem.

The Stress
Long hours, deadlines, client demands, changing laws and legal formats, all combine to make the practice of law very stressful. The stress and demands of practicing law have become high levels of career dissatisfaction among members of the bar. Nowadays, depression and suicide are common among lawyers.

You Won't Like All Your Clients
Some times lawyers were not able to pick and choose which clients to proceed,  to make a good start. People who need lawyers don't represent a single, simple count. They might be wealthy and sophisticated but arrogant and demanding. They might be accused of a crime that they did or did not actually commit. Even if you don’t like them, you should give the best representation to those people. You have to keep your personal feelings aside to get the case done.

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Law School Debt
The law school debt education has outstripped inflation in these years. Tuition fees also increasing every year. Entering practice with a six-figure amount in law school debt is common. Fresh graduates struggled a lot to repay their law school debt in today's competitive job hunt.

Rising Technology
Technology has transformed everywhere, lawyers must know about the various range of technical platforms. These range from document review and management tools to spreadsheets, billing software, powerpoint, etc.

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Poor Public Image
This is a popular comedy among the low public image of lawyers in this century. Even though wide range in distrust of lawyers has existed from olden days, rising billing rates, lawsuits, and controversial news stories of lawyers behaving badly do little to raise the public image of lawyers in South Africa.

 Job Market
A lot of jobs have been cut and salaries have been cut short but law schools have more and enough enrollment. Some lawyers have been forced to settle for less than normal situation or to change entire career. A consistent supply of lawyers coupled with declining demand makes many legal professionals to rethink the value of their designation.


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