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COP Divorce Settlement COP Divorce Settlement

Civil »Posted 20 Nov 2019 Post Answer

legal question need some advise please. With the divorce a settlement was drawn up and just to find out afterwards that my husband had an affair with this woman long before he asked for a divorce and" when I asked him he promised he never did. The verbal agreement was that I can carry on staying in the house (joint bond) until he can pay me with his RAF money and then he forced me out the house by bringing this woman to the house to sleep over while I was staying there. Needless to say I moved out. Now 5 months down the line I must pay for a house where he lives comfortably in with this woman because we under debt review I must carry on paying. I paid the debt review since 2014 he never paid one cent. I was told I can't fight the settlement but yet he committed adultery and I can't carry on with my life but he can how is it possible. Please I seal advise urgently. We were married in community of property.

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