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Gangster killed after fight between rival gangs breaks out in court Gangster killed after fight between rival gangs breaks out in court

Bronze medal Reporter william Posted 27 Jul 2019
Gangster killed after fight between rival gangs breaks out in court

Cape Town - A gangster from Parkwood was killed inside the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday after a fight broke out between two rival gangs.

According to a police source, the court was plunged into chaos as the Americans gang from Parkwood and Six Bobs from Lotus River took out knives and started stabbing each other, resulting in the death of Chad Jansen, 21.

“It was madness between the Americans and Six Bobs,” says the source.

“The laaitie who died is Chad Jansen. He lives in Parkwood.

“He went to court with his brasse who were appearing in Court 1.

“There were also Six Bobs from Lotus [River] at the same court and it appears that during the tea break, there was some argument between them.”

The source says video footage of the fight shows a group of men arguing and beating eachother up in the courthouse’s passage.

“It happened after 11am and it was in the passage, not in the courtroom.

“That is mos tea time and they came out of the courtroom.

“They argued in the passage en toe kom die messe uit en hulle het mekaar begin te stiek. (They argued in the passage and then the knives came out. They started stabbing eachother.)

“Chad was stabbed in the side of his chest by his collarbone and skrams on the other side of his chest.

“One of the other Americans was also stabbed, but they stabbed Chad in a main artery and he ran back into the court.

“He was taken to Victoria Hospital, but he died on the hospital bed. The doctors said they hit a main artery and he bled to death.”

On a video which surfaced on social media, Jansen can be seen lying on a courtroom bench while a woman applies pressure to his wounds and a man prays over him.

Police spokesperson, Lieutenant-Colonel Andrè Traut, says: “A 21-year-old man was stabbed and taken to hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. A murder case was registered for investigation and the suspect is yet to be arrested.”

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