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How can lawyers get 1000+ followers on Twitter within 2 weeks? How can lawyers get 1000+ followers on Twitter within 2 weeks?

Bronze medal Reporter james Posted 13 Jul 2017
How can lawyers get 1000+ followers on Twitter within 2 weeks?

Do you wish to grow your Twitter Network? You may not believe it but it’s true that i just grew a brand new Twitter handle for a law firm from zero to more than 1,000 followers within 2 weeks. And they are real followers not spams or something else.

Today am going to reveal my techniques of how to build 800+ within 2 week. I'm doing this because I do believe Twitter is one of the best social medium for every lawyers no matters either individual practice or in law firm. Twitter proves to be easiest medium to reach target audience fast.

Facebook has devolved into an advertising database as paid placement vehicle. If you have around thousand likes then you post an update, only very few people will see it. Facebook has adopted this strategy to promote more paid ads

It has been seen that LinkedIn is a silent room where there is no much conversation. Even though people post headlines and links but rarely discuss them. It’s really difficult to get comments from LinkedIn.

Google plus is worthwhile to rank high in Google search results. Twitter act as online meetup where people actively share, comment and engages.

These are golden Rule to create wide network in twitter

  • If someone retweets your post, visit their Twitter site and retweet them. The same goes for people who like one of your updates or mention you in one of their posts.
  • Thank people using @ their name for their retweets, likes and mentions. People just love to get attention, and they will retweet your thanks
  • When a post that has been retweeted several times, its credibility gets increased as retweeting shows that other people think the post is important and attractive. The result is that people will follow a person whose posts have been retweeted.
  • The free marketing tool which is available for this purpose is TwitterCounter. It is free, but the paid version has more rich functionality. It gives detailed report about your follower growth, and it also shows who is retweeting and mentioning you, and how many times they do it.

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