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Illegal High Court JudgementIllegal High Court Judgement

Consumer Protection »Posted 20 Aug 2019 Post Answer

legal question I had taken a loan through a peer lending provider. I did fall in arrears and was seeking to sequestrate myself, but that fell through too. I now see this peer lending provider has got a court judgement against me, without m knowledge, from a high court, and has listed the judgement as a lease agreement, which is not the case, and is also stopping me from getting a place to rent.
I cannot get hold of this high court and also have gone through all their judgements online and cannot pick mine up on the case number listed on my credit report or my surname or the listed company that got the judgement.
Is it legal for a high court to grant a judgement without my knowledge (I did not sign a summons or was not contacted by this company about this action)? I live in Durban and am unable to get to the court personally to try sort it out. What is my best course of action here?

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