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Impact of Redirection on Lawyers website Impact of Redirection on Lawyers website

Bronze medal Reporter james Posted 6 Jul 2017
Impact of Redirection on Lawyers website


A redirect is a process of promoting one URL to another URL. It is a method to send both the users and search engines to a URL which is entirely different from the one which is they are initially requested. It can also simply define as a process of sending visits from one page to other. It is an Lawyer's SEO practice and there are mainly three kinds of redirects. They are 301,302 and Meta refresh.

Since all websites have a couple of redirects, the user will not notice the changes. There are certain codes used by redirects that help search engines and software programs to know how to handle it. All types of SEO have their own impacts on SEO.

Redirects are used to change website domain, to move content from one to another, to move the whole Lawyer's Website. They are implemented depending on the type of redirect and it is done using FTP in the HTML page.

Types of Redirects:

301 Redirect: It indicates that all the resources of this location have been permanently removed. It always allows Page Rank to move from one page to another Page Rank are always diminished from the redirect as it is just only a link used to connect. This is one of the best practices used while using the new domain. The copy is moved to another page as the old one is currently removed.

302 Redirect: In this, the resources are removed temporarily. It does not pass the Page Rank. It is best for in situations where the resource is currently moving temporarily or the second one is in under construction.

307 Redirect: Here the resource of the URL has been removed temporarily and it is a successor of 302 redirects.

Meta refresh: Here Meta tags are used. It is called as “poor man’s redirect”. This is not used widely as there is less number of visitors. The user can check out current status and looks on what is happening.

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