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Malicious Damage to PropertyMalicious Damage to Property

Criminal »Posted 13 Nov 2019 Post Answer

legal question On Sunday that passed, a bakkie full of guys (either 8 or 9 guys) stopped in front of my grandfather's house and started smashing the house windows and car with stones. Accusing my brother of something that he was not part of. We only found out what happened, after our place was smashed. The guy the allegedly sent the people to trash the place works for the police (I'm not sure which branch in the Cape Town. When the police was called, they went directly to the house of the person that sent the people to attack our house and payed no mind to us that was attacked. I then phoned the police again, they came and was of little help. They did not even go inside the house to look at the damage, and there was plenty of damage to look at. People in the house at the time of the attack was me, 34 female, my mommy who is disabled, my grandfather of 79 years and my brothers son of 2 years old. The matter with the police was resolved after i laid a complaint for them to be reprimanded. The case is a malicious damage to property case. What I want to know is, shouldn't is also include trespassing, considering that we do not know the people that entered the premises without our permission? Since there was threats made against the lives of everyone that was inside the house at the time, what can I do about this? Is it normal for the same detective to work on my case, as well as the case of the guilty parties ( whom they say are complainants and also friends and family of police )? Since the person that sent the guys to our place have no grounds to accuse my brother of anything, is there anything that can be done to protect my brother against this sort of attack against his character?

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