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Me and my wife seperated 8 mnths ago,shes busy with court proceedingsMe and my wife seperated 8 mnths ago,shes busy with court proceedings

Family »Posted 24 Aug 2019 Post Answer

legal question My wife and kids left on the 3rd of Januarie 2019,There was no abuse or fighting of any sort related to seperation and I didnt care too much about it as this is the 5th time shes doing it in 11yrs of marraige ,everytime she misses her family or if i dnt wanna move to the town her family is living in she starts arguements to be able to take her stuff and leave to her family untill she regrets it after 2-3 weeks then i must go and fetch her again,the samething happened this time but this time i refused to go and fetch her.She wanted to return home in Feb so i told her she knows that i love her and the kids very much and their always welcome to come back home but this time she has to come back on her own as she cant always leave because she misses a family member ,she agreed to make a plan to come back home and stated that shes sorry for all the things she said about me to everyone and she will rectify what she said,at the time i didnt take note of what she said as shes automaticely forgiven ,then the chatting stopped ,her phones off ,I tried calling everyone mother ,father ,steph parents they ignored my phone calls and messeges and blocked me on whatsapp,eventually i got a hold of her at her mothers phone and she told me her phone is broken,i send her a brand new phone 28 Feb and after a week she send me a whatsapp from a new nr saying shes online,then she told me she filed for a divorce and we wil sort the kids out afterwards,i told her thats fine but i cant sign it before we have a parrenting plan,she aggreed.After that it was turmoil ,then she speaks to me and then nothing for weeks,i spoke to my children about 6 times since and for 5 min bevore my wife takes the phone from them and just ends the call,in June i received a whatsapp from her saying that i was supposed to be in court on that day and i wasnt,theres no more confersations between me and her or me and the kids,i asked her why im supposed to be in court cause no one informed me with anything not even a letter from court or anything and everyone has my nr,,she never ansered me,then nothing from there ,i phoned parys sheriff and he told me that he did bring my divorse papers but i no longer resided at that adress so hes gonna send it back to bethlehem i told him that my wife knew my new adressand she has my phone nr,so ive changed my details phone adress etc at the sheriff of parys and hes assistant even send an email to legal aid in Bethlehem (Their handling the divorse case of my wife)I couldnt get a hold of her or speak to my kids so i phoned the school of my son ,i started speaking to the princepal via email as thats the only way to know of my sons progress so ive asked her to please give my son my nr to give to his mom,then in May she started talking to me again stating that she said that i was an alcholic and abusive etc and that she is so sorry for all of that she didnt mean it ,she asked me to come back home again and i agreed,i did forgive her and also warned that she cant just go around stating that i was abusive cause shell involve the wellfare and well lose the kids,so she realised what shed done and appologised,then about a week afterwards in June she said that shes seriously wants to come home because her grandmother is threatening her with the wellfare about the condition theyre living in and theres no food and also if ny wife speaks to me her grandmother is goin to call the welfare,so me and my wife agreed to wait untill the school holiday then shell return back to me,then i heard nkthing again phone off and her family dnt awnser,i called the school after about two weeks and the princepal told me that i must phone the VVA in Bethlehem ,I did so and spoke to Marissa Barnard and she told me that my wife did file for devorse and the case keeps getting postphoned as they cant get a hold of me,so i told her that everyone has my nr and know where i am and she said my wife also opened a case at bethlehem police which is transferred to Parys police for investigation ,i really dont know what its about Neither does Marissa and that my wife applied for a protection order for what also i dont know,all i know that her family will do anything to keep us seperated cause the same thing happened to her father when she was still young,i dont know where to start and what to do ,i dont have any means of transport or enough airtime or money for lawyers,please help

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