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Minutes of court proceedings Minutes of court proceedings

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applicant :in person/absent : GIRLFRIEND
respondent:in person : MYSELF
1. since there is no appearance by or on behalf of the applicant both parties at_______H______
1.1. The Interim Proctetion Order is Set A side
1.2. The application for a Protection Order is Removed From The Roll
2. The applicant withdraws the application for a Protection Order. See Affidavit on file /the Interim Proctetion Order is Removed from the roll.
3. Since there is no appearance by or on behalf of the Respondent and the Presiding Officer is not satisfied that the application for a Protection Order and notice /Interim Protection Order were properly served on the Respondent : a new return date is fixed. ______
4. Since there is no appearance by or on behalf of the Respondent and after considering the Application for a Protection Order, affidavit(a) and record of oral evidence(if any) attached thereto, the court is satisfied:
4.1. That the application and notice / Interim Proctetion Order were properly served of the Respondent and
4.2. That the Respondent has committed an Act of Domestic Violence / A Protection Order is hereby granted / Interim Proctetion Order is Confirmed and made a Final Order
5. Both parties before court.
5.1. The nature and purpose of the proceedings are explained to the parties. The parties are informed of the right to Legal Representation and if necessary to apply for Legal Aid. The parties confirm that they understand and elect to proceed without legal represantation / request legal representation.
5.2. Both parties are present
The applicant elects not to continue with the application: see attached exhibit
Mater removed from the roll
5.3.Matter postponed until _____/______/20____. Both parties warned to appear
5.4. The Respondent has no objection that the Proctetion Order be confimed and made a final Order.
As it appears to the court in my the course of these proceedings that a child involved in or by these proceedings is in need of care and protection is as cintemplated in section 150 of the children's ACT NO 38 of 2005,the courts orders that the question whether the child is satisfied in need of care and protection be referred to a designated social worker for an investigation cintemplated in section 155(2)
As the court is of the opinion that a child of any party to the proceedings has abused or neglected, the court hereby in terms of section 47(2)(b) of the children's Act 38 of 2005, request the Director for public Prosecution to attend to the allegations of the abused or neglected
5.5. Respondent hands in opposing affidavit. The courts elects not to hear any evidence
5.6. The court to hear evidence -proceedings
6. Order
6.1. The application for a Protection Order is *Granted *Dismissed *Removed from the roll
6.2. The interim Protection Order is *Confirmed *Amended *Set aside *Sine Die , as per Form 6
6.3. the application for a Protection Order is Granted as per Form 7 completed

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