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Myths about online marketing among lawyers Myths about online marketing among lawyers

Bronze medal Reporter james Posted 10 Jul 2017
Myths about online marketing among lawyers

There are many thoughts and opinions out about the online presence of lawyers and its need.  While there is plenty of good information available at the same time there are also many misconceptions about online marketing among lawyer. In this article we have mentioned some of common internet marketing “myths” that many lawyers have.

 You can build a great website for free

Of course it is true that you can website for free. But it will not reach expectation you need. You will difficult to manage and also reduced functionality. Things like adding a video library, sign-up forms for a free report, built in blogs, newsletter, or general contact form are not present.

If you have either got a successful practice or intend to build website to establish your online presence then it is worthy to hire an expert to develop your website. This ensures that your website look better and with almost all functionalities you want and also easy to manage.

No one reads email campigns anymore

People get blast with dozen of emails every day. So you might think that an email newsletter would be just ignored by people without opening it. But the reports show that the legal field averages a 22% open rate for newsletters. So you’re sending emails 1,000 email contacts to each month there is a possibility that around 200 people are reading your email and being reminded of who you are and what you are doing.

Indeed, even though recipients who aren't opening your messages are still liable to see your email appear in their inbox, so regardless of the possibility that they don't read it in a given month, despite everything you're remaining top-of-mind which means that there's a higher chance those individuals will consider you first when they require legal services.

No one wants to read a law blog

We encourage each and every attorney to begin a blog. A significant number of them react something like this: "I practice ABC. It's exhausting. No one wants to read about that. What is use of wasting time in writing blog?"

Certainly, that legal blog won't be as engaging as best-selling novels. The potential clients who are thinking about hiring you are very interested in what you have to say. Your blog is an ideal place to exhibit your skill and your knowledge while providing readers with practical information applicable to their legal challenges. Answering common questions that your prospective clients ask adds significant value to Lawyer's Website.

About SEO

Is SEO an important tool for lawyers? Absolutely it is.  Lawyers must be aware of fact that having a high Google ranking paired with an ugly website could be doing more harm than good to your business.

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