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Please assist with the issue of Customary Marriage, I am not sure if wPlease assist with the issue of Customary Marriage, I am not sure if w

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legal question Hello,

I am in a situation whereby my partner sent his uncles to make a promise to marry me a paid a fraction of "lobola" this year in January, my family were expecting a payment for damages when the meeting was called, only to find that my partner had other intentions, we talked about it and we came to an agreement that yes we would like to marry. Now I found out that he has been cheating on me with this other woman and looks like he has moved on to her, We have a 7 months old daughter.

Both families have a negotiation letter which was written on the said meeting, the letters are both signed and it is stated that he is making a promise to marry me.

I just wanted to find out if this is recognized as a customary marriage and what are my rights.

Your assistance is much appreciated

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