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Reasons Why Lawyers Should Blog Reasons Why Lawyers Should Blog

Bronze medal Reporter james Posted 6 Jul 2017
Reasons Why Lawyers Should Blog

In today’s digital world, any lawyers must have a strong web presence to easily reach their clients. Lack of online presence creates a void regarding information about you and your practice. Blogging gives you an opportunity to connect with your other advocates both internationally and locally, expanding your reach to new ideas and business

  • Reputation augmentation: - Lawyers Blogs are one of the best and effective ways for lawyers to raise their popularity and position themselves as accessible, helpful experts on the area which they practice. Lawyers can prove their expertise in field which they practice by writing blogs, commenting and linking to other useful information in an area of expertise and this can even improve your writing skill.
  • League of content: - Blogs has a major advantage over web sites in that blogs have a syndication feed which shows most recent. Whenever you publish a blog post, news feed automatically alerts to the search engines and blog reader. Blogs also often allow for readers to subscribe to updates either through email or by pop ups.

  • Better positioning in search engine: - Frequent update in content will attract search engines thereby helping in gaining better search engine position. Not frequency but also for the collection of relevant information you’ve amassed around specified keywords.
  • Viral internet marketing: - Blogs turn out to be amazingly compelling when they give ‘information of value’ in the form of original material and commentary. If you are good at writing something which is extremely valuable and informative then you will gain the benefit of viral marketing — where other sites and bloggers will comment on and may also link to your blog entry, and as well as share it on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

Many of lawyers and legal marketing professionals nowadays using law blogs not to provide informative content to user but also to gain better search engine visibility.

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