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Separated but financially supported Separated but financially supported

Family »Posted 21 Aug 2019 Post Answer

legal question I have been separated for 11 years, my husband supports me, he lives in Thailand. If he decided to stop supporting me where would I stand? I am worried that if he meets someone and he decided not to help me financially I would be in serious trouble. I am 50 years old. We never got divorced because we didnt feel the need to and we are on friendly terms. But I have to look out for myself and my future. I do not want to get a divorce but need what would happen and what I could do if he stopped supporting me. I had a career and gave up work because he didnt want me to work. I have worked since I have come back to South Africa but I would never be able to support myself in the fashion I am being supported now. My age and health would not allow me to get employed that would allow that.

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