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Separation and financesSeparation and finances

Family »Posted 14 Oct 2019 Post Answer

legal question hi, i am planning ion seperating from my husband, we have 2 kids a 3year old and a 7 month old, he earns more than me i am responsible for Service plan R 189.00 Debit Orders
Vehicle Maint R 229.34 Debit Orders
Medical aid R 1 880.00 Debit Orders
Mutual and feder R 1 027.21 Debit Orders
Demi School Fees R 2 500.00 EFT
BabyCity R 1 500.00 Credit card

Misc R 200.00 Money on call

Dischem Kids Med R 300.00 Money on Call
Credit Card 300.00 Transfer

My daughter goes to school across the road(HALF DAY) , right now we live on the same property as my mom n dad they help look after my kids, My dad fetches my daughter from school and he and my mom look after them both during the day, i cannot take my child to another school i will have none to pick her up o look after her, i cannot move as i have family support, i do not pay for child care , My husband earns more than me , he is only responsible for rent R8000,and groceries can he still pay rent after he leaves, how much does he need to pay , to help me with our kids, all i am looking for from his is rent and at least R1000 for food for my girls

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