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SixGoals To Build A Thriving Law Practice SixGoals To Build A Thriving Law Practice

Bronze medal Reporter Adv. Alex Posted 25 May 2019
SixGoals To Build A Thriving Law Practice


These are the 6 Goals needed to be focused on building a thriving law practice. All of the highly successful lawyers in South Africa take the time to plan for the future of their law practice. They make things happen rather than just letting whatever happening. Perfect planning will help you to easily achieve your goal. Anything which goes without planning will not provide the best results.

Are you stuck with either little or no growth to show for your hard work? Then you need to give more focus and rethink about your plans. Here we have described 6 goals which you need to apply some focus to build a successful law practice:

Financial Goals: Instead of simply focusing on the money you get to provide more focus on how you will get there.  Set the target income which you need to achieve by the end of the year. Work accordingly and try to bring more clients to attain your goal. If you are not having a high volume law practice then you will need to develop a way to up-sell new clients into higher-end services which are more difficult task.

Practice Area Goals: setup specific goals on your practice. Chart these things i.e.  How many new trials are you willing to take on this year? How many cases can you handle in each practice area? If you practice in more than one area, you need to plot specific goals for each practice area.

Marketing Goals: Irrespective of individual practice or law firm need to have a planned marketing strategy. You need to set measurable marketing goals such as “I will meet with 4 new referral sources every month.” How are you going to meet?  Who is going to set those meetings up?  Who will do the follow-up? Adapt Online Marketingmethodology will help you to reach the client easily without many efforts and also to show your expertise in that practice area by writing law articles.

Strategic Business Goals: This is where you start to think big about your law practice.  Challenge yourself: how can you double your client list this year? How can you go from your current five or six referral sources to 20 or 30 in the next six months?

Build a relationship with clients based on trust and dependability: Deal with your clients equitably and ethically. Always try to deliver what you promise the clients.

Personal Goals:  also prepare personal goals like trips to feel relaxed and come up with better ideas.

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