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Tips to Succeed in a Law Firm Management Tips to Succeed in a Law Firm Management

Bronze medal Reporter Adv. Alex Posted 25 May 2019
Tips to Succeed in a Law Firm Management


Quality of Services

Best technical, as well as service quality, should be provided to clients. Clients must have a positive experience while dealing with the firm through their effective work. The main thing to keep in mind is to understand the nature of services. Then measure the client expectations and the service provider’s performance on various dimensions of service quality. Gaps in the service management process should be identified. The nature of service will be depending on the experience of clients.


The client-centric concept of legal services can be considered as a part of a consumer revolution which puts the buyer at the center of commercial transaction shifting control from the supplier to consumer. In the legal profession, power resides on the supply side. But the legal profession is not resistant from the consumer revolution and demand of consumers for more information, transparency, and control over the lawyer-client relationship.  Clients can choose the cost containment, efficiency enhancement, and service alternatives in the law firm. 

Time management

Lawyer’s ability to manage time will reflect in their standard and quality of their legal work. Lawyers in South Africa have to deal with the continuous flow of paper in your office. You may face difficulty in finding out the important paper which you need. By properly managing the flow of paper in your office you can save a lot of time. You should organize the files properly and be up to date with the contents. It is better to make a list of things that you have to do each day. The list should be in a prioritized order what to do first and last. Use of telephones is another thing in time management.

Staff Management and productivity

The first thing to consider in staff management is to develop a Balanced Recruiting Strategy. Each staff member in the firm should have a clear job des c r i p tion with proper defined responsibilities and goals. Access the performance of staffs frequently. An outstanding way to keep staffs productive is to allow and incentivize their worthy work. Maintain the workloads in the firm. Keep good records and Have to focus on team building.

Use of Modern Technologies:

Technology has become an important tool for legal marketing and new law firm websites and legal blogs coil up in cyberspace. Law Firms can accept changing technology which will help to do the legal work in faster, better and in a cost-effective way. A united and public knowledge system for the staffs is the outcome of the adoption of such technology. Electronic case management will help to handle documents easily. Law firms are now storing huge case files electronically and retaining databases to track, search, edit, distribute as well as archive documents. The global nature of technological devices, such as mobile devices, wireless and wired networks, cloud computing, can be effectively used to do day-to-day legal work.

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