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Top Specializations of Law and Legal Studies Top Specializations of Law and Legal Studies

Bronze medal Reporter rick john Posted 6 Jul 2017
Top Specializations of Law and Legal Studies

Top Specializations of Law and Legal Studies

When candidates shortlist different colleges for their admissions, they have to decide which law course they will pursue. They can make a good career in different law specializations. Here are given some of the most popular law specializations.

Labour Law

It deals with workers and their associations that include their duties and working conditions. A lawyer who wants to pursue a career in labor law needs to sort out different issues between the management and employees of the firm.

Real Estate Law

It mainly constitutes the conveyance of property, different search records and activities to develop titles of property. It can act as a trustee for property and needs to draw up the legal documents for deeds and mortgages.

Patent Law

These will emphases on securing patents for the inventors of the patentís office. In this, the lawyer has to specialize in impeaching or defending patent infringement. Also, there is a need to prepare detailed specifications of the patent.

Civil Law

It will focus on handling the damage suits, rights of individuals, drawing deeds and wills. Also, there is a need to handle the breach of contract suits, offenses that act as a trustee or guardian as well as helps to handle mortgages.

Tax Law

This law deals with income tax, real tax, estate tax, franchises, problems of inheritance, etc.

Criminal Law

It is constituted with offenses against society. It is the most popular and interesting branch of the law. Criminal Law always needs to interview the clients and interrogate the witnesses. They need to conduct trials, correlating findings, preparing a case for the defense and cross-examine the witnesses inside the court.

Media Law

This law branch mainly deals with various aspects that are related to Telecommunications, Information Technology, Denouncement, Broadcasting, Copyright, Advertising, Confidentiality, Contempt, Entertainment Law, Privacy, Censorship, Firm law and the Internet & on-line services.

Competition Law

It has different prohibiting agreements or practices that curb the f trading and competition between businesses. It includes supervising the mergers and achievements of large corporations.

Intellectual Property Law

It has the rules to secure and enforce legal rights for inventions, designs, and different artistic works.

Mergers and Acquisition Law

It is the law that affects the acquisition of one company by another or it is the merging of two companies into a single entity.

Corporate Law

It advises the corporations on their legal rights, requirements, and freedoms. They have to study statutes, constitutions, and different restrictions and also to help the corporations to make important decisions on whether to go in for a suit or not.

International Law

This law specializes in treaties, customs, and traditions of our nations and the relations between them. †

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