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Travelling with minor children abroad consentTravelling with minor children abroad consent

Family »Posted 21 Nov 2019 Post Answer

legal question Hi there. What if the biological father of my children has not shown interest in my children since before birth, and has not paid child support even after a gruesome few months of me running up and the down the courts, and them saying they can't find him at all and eventually letting the whole case go (the courts, that is)? I have gotten a position abroad to go teach and the package includes room for my children as well, can I apply for a passport for my children or not? Also, my new partner has been a fantastic father figure to them and wants to marry me, and hopefully travel abroad with me to work as well. Does my marriage to my partner have any bearing on my children,legally so, or do I have to start the painful process (again) of finding their uncaring bio father so he can get the satisfaction of rejecting me taking my kids with me overseas?

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