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Unfair Maintenance Ruling Unfair Maintenance Ruling

Family »Posted 20 Feb 2020 Post Answer

legal question Unfair Maintenance Ruling.

Good Evening, i need urgent assistance with regards to a maintenance matter. My Ex Husband divorced me in 2014. We have 2 children a girl 13 and a boy 10. We had joint custody over our 2 children one week with me and the other week with their father.
I got re married in 2016 and we had to move from Krugersdorp to Polokwane as my husband had to move for his Job. I wanted the children to come with us but their father refused and said the Kids should stay with him. We discussed the matter with the kids and they did not want to move and go to another school so we decided to let the kids stay. i started paying my ex 3000 a month for the kids, whithout any court order or anything i felt i needed to contribute and so i did that out of my own. My husband and i fell pregnant of about a year being in Polokwane. As soon as my Ex heard we were expecting he sued me for Maintenance.
We were in court for almost a year costing us a small fortune driving up and down. Only to find the judge rulling a R7000 maintenance order on my Salary of R19000.00 i only cleared about R16000 after deductions and that was imposible for me to pay - i told my ex i could not afford it and would pay what i could which was R 3000.00 + R1209.00 = R 4209.00 a month.

My Employer now contacted me and said he got a garnishing order against my salary for R9000.00 a month
R7000.00 maintenance and R2000.00 arears which he has decided i should pay.

Please i need help i can not see how this is fair or even legal as it does not make sense as that will leave me with maybe R7000 a month to survive i have a one year old baby and my Husband can not support him and me as he needs to support his own 2 children that stays with us permanently.

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