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Unfair labor practices / Human rights Unfair labor practices / Human rights

Labor »Posted 28 Jun 2013 Post Answer

legal question I am one of two receptionists at a very large law firm , I earn less than half of my college
who is employed to do exactly the same thing . I approached my employers and asked for a salary review stating that we both do the same work and I receive less than half of what she does .I was experienced when I began this position , the only response I received was that she was employed 5 years longer than I was , I made mention that she does receive other benefits that I do not such as long service leave and bonus incentives , my question is how can this be fair ? I should mention that I feel that they are paying her more because she would give them a better rating on there BEE score card as she is a disabled Indian female , she is more than capable of executing her duties at reception the same as I . This has caused me great distress and has hindered my ability to function as I feel that I am just being used and no one cares .

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