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What is Child Maintenance What is Child Maintenance

Bronze medal Reporter romin Posted 5 Oct 2019 Read More News and Blogs
What is Child Maintenance

Legally, both parents have an obligation and responsibility to look at their children. This financial responsibility includes education, medical, transport, food, clothing, and accommodation. Child maintenance is then calculated on the basis of financial situations as well as the realistic needs of the child. The Maintenance Act states that if a  parent to apply for a maintenance order against the other to allow the first mentioned parent to contribute appropriately towards the child’s expenses when the parents’ earnings are not equal.

All the parents may not think about all these financial issues when choosing to have children, it is understood that having children is costly and a very long-term commitment to their partner. Parents thought they have to spend more childs maintenance. Parents are already paying every day to their children’s support. Before a divorce happened, you were paying for your children to eat, to be clothed, to go to school, have a roof over their head, to be spoiled with going to the movies, get their video games..etc.

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After divorce, most of them thought these payments are a real burden. Nowadays divorce is costly, especially if you go legally. A divorce will acquire more costs as parents need to plan each for their own accommodation, but the children's financial support before, during and after a divorce remain the same.

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While some money paid over to the other parent may led to a quarrel because it is claimed that do not spent towards the children, when a parent stops paying school fees, medical need or any others  that are meant for the children, it is a deliberate disregard to their responsibility towards their children’s financial support. In child maintenance, it is most likely that fear plays a crucial role. Splitting a family comes with its challenges and the unknown of moving forward can be a risk. The financial strain that will be felt with high attorneys fees for the lawyers in South Africa is real and will impact your immediate budget figures.



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