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Legal Guardian of an adult with Down\\\s Syndrome Family 14 Sep 2017

A trust was set up for my disabled brother by my parents on their death. This trust has now run out of money and left a substantial debt to the institution...

unless you have been appointed by the court to be his legal guarduan...then only will u be considered as his guarduan..View

municipality property transfer Property 13 Sep 2017

property transfer hi. i bought property since 2001, it is not yet registered under my name. the previous owner owes municipality cause the conveyencer...

hihave you paid the conveyancer for the transfer and at what stage isnthe transferView

None payment on permanent residents permit Human Rights 6 Sep 2017

I paid R15000 to an argent who is assisting what the application for a Permanent Permit in 2016.l submitted all the documents the agent requested but he...

good dayhe has to refund your .money. you need to engage an attorney to sue him for the money you paid himView

Debt collection assistance Civil 15 Aug 2017

My ex owes money and refuses to pay me back. Borrowed R60000 And never contributed when he lived with me from November 2015 until May 2017. I need...

hiyou need to sue him ...engage an attorney and take him to courtView

QVC THREATENING PENSIONERS Consumer Protection 15 Aug 2017

Good day Many years ago my parents attempted various times to cancel their QVC contract (in writing and telephonically) but were told they could not...

hiis their pension invested in QV C....i do not know what company that much are they debiting from the accountView

Purchasing property delays Property 10 Aug 2017

My husband and I purchased a property condition of sale was vacant occupation. The seller's tenant won't vacate. Otp was signed in Feb this year. Transfer...

hiyes you can sue him for breach of contract....View


there is a property that my parents want to divide to 3 children.the youngest wants to get the house and divide the vacant land behind the house into sectional...

hi..if you have not yet resolved the matter....pls call.memon 0614770684View

HOA Rules Query - Common Property Property 28 Jul 2017

Hi there i own land in a full title complex. The HOA rules consistently mentions the word common property. As per the SG diagram, there is no common...

hi..yes there is common property...includes the pathways...parking areas and roadwaysView

Husband punishing wife but contesting divoce that she wants Family 28 Jul 2017

husband contesting divorce. married in cop. Wife wants divorce as she is ill treated. will the divorce go through irrespective if he disagrees. can wife...

hi..if you have not sorted thisn can on 0614770684View

What are the steps i need to take to remove change my property status Property 26 Jul 2017

I bought a property with a family member, she was my assurity when I was buying the property, and does not contribute financially to the property, and...

hi...if not yet can cal me on 0614770684View

Married man paying for my car ANY 23 Jul 2017

I have been seeing this guy and it has just been brought to my attention that he is married. Toake matters worse he bot me a car n his paying for it but... 0614770684View

Ownership of property - Executor dispute. Property 21 Jul 2017

If a person passed away and the property he resided in is stil in his name. Now someone claimed that they bought the property seven years ago for a quarter... it is not the estate wound up.or in the process..let me know...0614770684View

Late estate question Family 21 Jul 2017

Hi I need some information on how to approach a matter. My parents were married (traditional marriage). My biological mother passed away first in 2000...

hi..have you started the process of winding up the estate...secondly...what is the value of the property and what is the value of all that your father...View

Who is getting the house Property 20 Jul 2017

My parents are divorcing and want to settle. In terms of property, can the state consider giving the house to children

hiyour parents can agree to that in thier settlement agreementView

Assets in the event of divorce, after being married in community of pr Property 19 Jul 2017

I was divorced on 24 April 2015 in Graaff-Reinet after being married in community of property for 26 years. My lawyer was Piet Meyer. I divorced my ex... you do not...if you have not yet engaged and 0614770684View

Selling my share of the business Business 16 Jul 2017

Hello, my name is Anas tayseer I am from Jordan, I have invisted to opened a restaurant in Somerset East- Eastern Cape . I have some issues with my partner...

good day..sorry abt the me on 0614770684....AnisaView

Co-ownership of property Property 15 Jul 2017

I am a co-owner of a property. The house was registered in our names in Dec. 2015. The other party (co-owner) moved out and is no longer paying her 50%... this matter sorted...if not you can contact me on 0614770684....pls message me and i will call u back..refer to the issue in brief in the msgView

Property sale enquiery Property 14 Jul 2017

Property sale enquiery Bought a house in 2011 at 750000, sold it to the back few months ago and bank contracted an agency to sell the the house at 1,250...

hithat is not will be paid the difference between tje outstanding bond and the price the housr is sold can 0614770684View

Contract Reinstatement with Eskom Civil 11 Jul 2017

We had a contract with Eskom to transport coal, when it expired in April 2014 Eskom did not renew it because it required us to obtain a NBCFRLI Certificate...

hi...i do not know if you have sorted this issue as these messgaes have come thro to me today...if not pls message me on 061 4770684 or call.meView

Investing in mine ( kenya ) Business 8 Jul 2017

My problem is, there is a guy who want me to invest in a mine in kenya while we both are in south Africa, what can guarantee me that is legit and that...

hi..both of you need to make an appointnent to see not invest without the inclusion if an attorney..if you need on 0614770...View

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