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Legal Q/A by Jabulile Khoza

Jabulile Khoza has answered nearly 10 legal questions for free.

"Help doesn't mean that offering money, offering legal advice is a great help to the society."

Saved Legal Questions
Car being repossessed after paying full outstanding amount Motor Vehicle 29 May 2018

I have just received a judgment order to hand over my vehicle, I have been in contact with the lawyers together with the financial institution requesting...

Hi Were you served with the summons or with any court application? If not you can get an attorney to help you quickly before they attach the carView

Estate not winded. Children claiming for fair portion of assets ANY 15 May 2018

Hi. My dad is late. We are four siblings. 3 of us wants to claim for a fair portion of assets. He made a will with absa but removed the will from absa...

Hi Kindly contact our office for assistance.View

Not paying SARS whilst charging VAT Tax 11 May 2018

Hi my employer has been charging VAT for the last 8 years but has not paid any monies over to SARS (he is VAT registered) He spoke to a customer today...

Hi. That's fraud and serious crime, a schedule 7 offense! You need to be a registered vat vendor in order to charge for vat. View

Need advise on my late dads estate please Family 30 Apr 2018

Goodday can you please assist me, in connection with my late dads estate my mother is the executor but me and my sister is also there we are both married,...

If someone dies intestate the deceased estate will be administered in terms of the intestate succession Act. That legislation provides that if the deceased...View

House to be auctioned-no summons received Property 18 Apr 2018

I have a loan agreement with Blue Fianacial services (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd. There is a judgement aginst me and the house is going on auction however,...

Please contact the legal aid of South Africa they will help you free of chargeView

Advice on maintenance and outstanding private debt ANY 18 Apr 2018

1.Can I request maintenance for 18 yr old son in Gr 11 for 1st time now since divorce in 2004 2.Can I start legal proceedings agains a person that borrowed...

1. Yes you can go to your nearest magistrate court. 2. Yes. Debt collection proceedings View

How will I get divorce Family 3 Apr 2018

I want to get a divorce. I'm married CoP. I'm unemployed, with two children I under 5 years. Together with my husband we own property. Alone I have nothing....

Hi Kindly contact our office for assistance View

Unfair dismissal from work Labor 29 Mar 2018

I have been dismissed from work,charges where dishonesty and fraudulent behaviour.

If your not happy approach the ccmaView

my question is what kind of legal action can i take Civil 15 Mar 2018

Hi,i have a problem with my husband he has neglected me for many years financially,now he is a pensioner he built a house for someone but did not complete...

Hi Please go to your nearest magistrate office to apply for spousal and children custody.View

debt review while married COP ANY 13 Mar 2018

Good day Iím married in community of property and Iím very heavily indebted. Is it possible for me to go under debt review on my own without my husband...

If married in community of property it will be a joined application. You may also consider debt mediation its similar and less complicated.View

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