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Child custody and shared responsibility Family 17 Nov 2019

Hi I recently separated from my long term boyfriend with whom I have a five year old. He called me recently to talk to our son, he asked question like...

Good day, I have just read the contents of your question, and would like to confirm that the threat made to you, lacks legal substance. I note that you...View

customary marriage divorce Maritime law 9 Nov 2019

I need an advice for customary marriage divorce because we never registered our marriage. So i want to get divorced. Does it needs to go the legal wa...

Section 3 of tHe Recognition of Customary Marriages Act sets out the requirements for A valid Customary marriage. The requirements are: 1. The spouses...View

child custody - unmarried relationship-separating Family 16 Sep 2017

Good Day, Can you please advise whom can assist me in advice/information regarding child custody/motherís rights in a unmarried relationship. Been...

Good day, I have just read your question posted and confirm that I am in a position to provide to with the advice and/or information requested. I am...View

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