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Can they sue my son for my Dept because he stay with me Civil 5 Nov 2019

I am renting a house and I'm behind with my payments. The owner send with a sheriff an attachment order and automatic rent interdict. I have tried to...


What is legal and illegal in the work industry Labor 5 Nov 2019

My husband worked for a company over a year, he resigned the beginning of the month and worked his notice period. Now he did not get paid a blue cent is...


Divorce file missing at High Court Jhb Notary 5 Nov 2019

Thank you so much.

Let me know if you would require any assistance in this. We would be happy to assist.View

Will I need to pay a penalty if I give 30 days notice, contract period Property 5 Nov 2019

I have signed a lease aggreement that described a period from August 2018 to April 2019 with no clauses indicating how to proceed after the period. Only...


Breach of contracts with Pee Kay fx Insurance 5 Nov 2019

Good Morning Mr Fischer, My name is Boitumelo Sekoboane, I reside in South Africa. I have a problem I hope you can help me with. I took out and investment...

Good day Boitumelo, We can assist you in recovering your investment. Kindly contact us should you require assistance.View

Wilful / constructive negligence / wrongful death ANY 4 Nov 2019

Two years ago, my mother died of stage 7 dementia. A year prior to that, I received an emergency call from my parents neighbours. My father had gone missing....


Gate closing on the company car! Accident 4 Nov 2019

Good day I rep for a honey company at a client the gate ( obsurred by a bush) closed on my the car and I Maria nowith expected to pay the damages. I I...


i dont know if i am in trouble with the law because of this company Criminal 4 Nov 2019

i think i may have been a victim of fraud. my former employer tricked me into signing a work contract but i later Discovered ther opened a company on...


Is it ohk if I go back to court for child maintenance ANY 4 Nov 2019

Hi I have a problem with baby daddy he said h dnt afford to maintain my daughter, n i once apply for maintance n the prosecutors advised him to do for...


they injured my daughter ANY 4 Nov 2019

my daughter had been injured in hospital but she was still young now she's 6 years old so the hand that they we're puted a trip gives her a problem especially...

If you believe that you have suffered as a result of negligence by a medical practitioner, hospital or clinic, you have the right to lay a claim in court...View

Divorce file missing at High Court Jhb Notary 4 Nov 2019

I was divorced on 16 August 2019 at the High Court in Jhb. My lawyer told me that it should take about 2 weeks to receive my divorce decree and settlement...

Firstly, obtaining the decree and settlement agreement is not a lengthy process, but definitely a difficult one, and you would need the assistance of a...View

Can I ask the court to proceed with a hearing where the applicant has Consumer Protection 4 Nov 2019

Afternoon. An attorney I used to hand a divorce matter is refusing to hand over my file. I have paid them in full and have all my papers in order. More...

You have a right as a client to terminate your attorneys mandate at any time and for whatsoever reason. You need to furnish the attorneys with a notice...View

my private sexual life exposed and dehumanized Human Rights 4 Nov 2019

I am Nonajbulo Khumalo and I live in Durban studying at the University of Kwazulu Natal .I broke with my boyfriend weeks ago because of some matters ,and...


illegal sale of property Property 3 Nov 2019



violation of constitutional rights. Constitution 3 Nov 2019

I have been failed by the state through the administration of justice. I need legal guidance and assistance with an lawful eviction and illegal sale...


Unpaid child support Family 3 Nov 2019

Hi, according to the divorce settlement the child support must be paid and available on th 27rh of each month. It is not. What can I do? My debit orders...


How to sell shared estate if ex husband refuse Family 3 Nov 2019

Was married in community Divorced 2013 Ex husband residing in shared property refuse to sell I want to sell, he refuse to pay maintenance for 2 teenagers...

Firstly, the divorce order must first be obtained and checked by a lawyer to determine what the legal position is regarding the property. If the property...View

Rental Dispute without written contract Property 3 Nov 2019

My landlord wants to withhold 2 of the 3 months rent that I have paid in advance. I am moving due to work and was unable to give notice in advance. Is...

A verbal lease agreement is a valid legal contract. However, certain terms and conditions should be clearly agreed upon such as, the lease period and required...View

Independent contractor ANY 3 Nov 2019

Good day Sir/Madam My name is Tebogo Lesu I work as an independent contractor, I am forced to work long hours everyday 7days a week and if I don't...

You need to consult a lawyer and seek assistance in challenging the status of your “employment” as an Independent contractor and allege that you are...View

How to apply for bail apeal for a convict Criminal 3 Nov 2019

Hi. My husband was arrested in 2016 and was sentenced 12 years in prison for robbery charges. Can he still appeal or apply for bail appeal at this sta...

Yes he can, and make a condonation application where the courts will take into account his reasons for a delayed appeal. Reasons such as, not having money...View

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