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Advice on a claim after breaking up with partner Family 22 Apr 2018

I have been paying my partner's medical aid contributions and insurance premiums for the last 4 years and as I have serious intentions of breaking up with...


Estate dividing when one party dies Property 20 Apr 2018

I am married out of community of property with accrual. What will happen with a property we bought in the time we were married, if my husband dies before...


Rules with claim made where the trustees handling both claims Insurance 20 Apr 2018

My wife went on permanent disability the 23 of February 2018 and died on the 3 of March the claim form ask for a letter of electorship from the court and...


Refund on forex account management Business 20 Apr 2018

I am a forex account manager, i lost some money from one of my clients account about 90% of the clients investment, according to my contract of agreement,...


unfair confusing leave application form Labor 20 Apr 2018

Our company says only doctors letters are valid for sick leave, clinic letters will be seen as unpaid but a clinic letter can be used as proof of being...


Adoption consent by biological mother ANY 20 Apr 2018

I need to know what happens when a mother does not show up to courts for signing consent for adoptive patents


I\m not guilty, because I never used it or asked for it ANY 20 Apr 2018

I writing my test and my friend saw me battling with a question, so she wrote the answer on an eraser, but I had never asked her to write in down. I didn\'t...


16 year consensual sex Family 20 Apr 2018

Hi, I just want to be clear on the legalities with regards to consensual sex. Can a 16 year old have sex with a 25 year old man? Isn't it acceptable within...


Embezzlement charges ANY 19 Apr 2018

Good day My employer is accusing me of embezzlement. I was employed from the 26 December 2017 till the 11th of April. One month from my starting date...


Ive being falsely accused of harassment Human Rights 19 Apr 2018

My nextdoor neighbor has taken me now for the second time to court for harassment the case has gone on for 6 months now, this accusations are false & untrue,...


Paternity court order vs relinquishing of parental rights Family 19 Apr 2018

I have been threatened with a paternity test, by the father of my unborn child. I have since asked for this to be expedited. However nothing has come forth...


if a person owes me money Civil 18 Apr 2018

how do i go about a situation were someone owes me money. If its a married person and i can get a hold of the spouse is it legal to get the spouse arrested...


House to be auctioned-no summons received Property 18 Apr 2018

I have a loan agreement with Blue Fianacial services (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd. There is a judgement aginst me and the house is going on auction however,...

Please contact the legal aid of South Africa they will help you free of chargeView

Advice on maintenance and outstanding private debt ANY 18 Apr 2018

1.Can I request maintenance for 18 yr old son in Gr 11 for 1st time now since divorce in 2004 2.Can I start legal proceedings agains a person that borrowed...

1. Yes you can go to your nearest magistrate court. 2. Yes. Debt collection proceedings View

Accident never reported Accident 17 Apr 2018

My husband bumped in a car at a parking lot. The guy never reported it - now he send us a quote for R4000 and say we must pay. He is threatening us with...


rec protection order ANY 17 Apr 2018

Falsely accused verbal emmotional abuse and intimidation Protection order issued


Fake Debt Restructering Franchise Business 17 Apr 2018

I bought a franchise that provides DEBT RESTRUCTERING SERVICES. I only found out recently that when they sold me the franchise they could not deliver on...


protection order false ANY 17 Apr 2018

Counter fighting false accusation when protection order issued


Maintenance Assistance ANY 17 Apr 2018

Good day, I am a single young mother who is not getting full maintenance for child from the father and is now if financial problems.


Collectors firm stole money from my account and is not willing to refu Human Rights 17 Apr 2018

a Debt Collectors firm had a garnishing order placed against my salary. A while ago i asked my employer about them and to find out what the outstanding...


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